House Rules


  • All purses, backpacks, and persons are subject to search upon entry to Concrete Street Amphitheater.
  • No selfie sticks.
  • No cameras, video or audio recorders allowed.
  • No outside food, drink, coolers, or water allowed.
  • No outside chairs allowed. Chairs will be available to rent inside the park for most shows. Blankets are allowed.
  • No Children under the age of 16 will be admitted without adult supervision.
  • No weapons of any kind; including concealed weapon permits or off-duty peace officers. This also includes mace, pepper spray, knives of any kind, or stun guns.
  • No wallet chains, metal chokers worn around neck, chain belts, hairpins, or umbrellas will be allowed.
  • No body surfing or moshing of any kind is allowed at Concrete Street. Anyone posing a danger to others or themselves will be escorted out of the park.
  • Anyone under the age of 21 consuming alcohol or trying to purchase alcohol will be escorted out of the park and may be prosecuted.
  • Children six and under are free in the general admission area only with a paid adult at most shows.



All seating for Pavilion shows is general admission. In the event of rain, pavilion shows are covered and audience members are kept dry. Outside chairs are not allowed in the venue. Chairs are rented inside the park for most events.


Seating is divided into three areas at Concrete Street.

Reserved Main Floor

This area will always be the premier seating. Depending on the type of show, the seating in this area may vary. For “reserved seating” shows, this area will be controlled and will only be accessible by “reserved seating” ticket holders.

Festival Seating Area

This area of the amphitheater floor is general admission and patrons may stand, rent chairs or bring blankets. There is no price difference between this area and the lawn seats and patrons may travel freely to either area.

Lawn Seating

There is a 6′ high berm that runs around the perimeter of the arena floor. Lawn seating is for general admission ticket holders.

For More Information: 361-884-8085 ext. 11